NERO's Reading List KW48/49

Multichannel vs Pure Player: Die Strategie von - Ein Artikel über die Renaissance der Offline-Läden in Zeiten des Online-eCommerce.

"The guy in My Name Is Legion, of course, destroyed all his information. Because the whole thing is creepy and unsettling, naturally. But also because the thing we give our information to today is not necessarily the thing that will have it tomorrow." aus dem 'DELETE EVERYTHING NOW'-Artikel bei vice.

"To stay as the best time waster you have to engage your users and this is why edgerank exists. (. . .) Edgeranks sole purpose is to serve you with content that FB thinks is relevant so you see something to read/browse/look at and maybe even like before you leave. (. . .) They must be efficient at showing you thinks you want to see or people will go to one of the dozen other social time wasters to be entertained." aus den Kommentaren zum Artikel What I Really Think About Facebook.

200 JAHRE GRIMMSCHE MÄRCHEN – Revolutionäre wider willen - Interessanter, wenn auch langer Artikel über das Leben der Gebrüder Grimm.

"If you just want to have some fun and do some interesting work, then you have to be more realistic about how much money you will make and go to work for a production company or a small digital boutique. The days of doing both are over. No one who is making over 500k a year is happy in their job." --Confessions of a Big-Agency Top Digital Exec – Über die Kreise die die große Agenturen und Networks drehen und über die Arbeit in diesen Agencies.

"And yet by far the most common mistake startups make is to solve problems no one has." --aus How to get startup ideas -- Ebenso wie: "Live in the future, then build what's missing." --Pirsig

"When it comes to retailers, big data is perhaps a little too big." --A Retailer’s Guide to likes, tweets, reviews, customer data, and basically everything else.

"Sometimes the future isn’t what a catalog tells us it will be. Sometimes, it’s better." – Before the iPad, There Was the Honeywell Kitchen Computer

Synthetische Biologie Warum Ölkonzerne in Bierhefe investieren - Faszinierend.

The Social Commerce Attribution Problem: IBM Says Twitter Referred 0% Of Black Friday Traffic

Musik-Video bzw. Song der Woche: Scooter - Army of Hardcore

Vom neuen Album Music for a Big Night Out . . . nicht nur wegen der Optik, sondern auch weil's Scooter ist, wobei das Video rein theoretisch auch von Nachtmahr sein könnte ;)